Anger about makeup on the tube is the first stop to misogyny

While tutting at a stranger as they apply their foundation is far from the harassment that requires hate crime status, it’s behaviour that swims in the same sea

“This is my dance space,” Johnny said in Dirty Dancing. “This is your dance space,” and with his arms he drew a circle with a diameter of about 1ft. That was the area that Baby owned, which was absolutely hers, for a song at least, and it’s something I often think about when moving about the world. It landed in my head again when I read the result of the BBC’s survey on “anti-social commuters”, which highlighted some passengers’ irritation at seeing women applying their makeup in public. Despite these women staying well within their own circles, strangers are regularly and deeply offended by the sight of a woman getting ready for the day.

It’s always baffled me, the idea that somebody applying powder on the train has the potential to upset – I often have to clench my fists to avoid applauding the marvellous contouring work I see underground at 9am – and I still don’t quite believe it. Instead, I’m inclined to think there’s something darker at play, something that one Telegraph letter-writer hinted at with their exasperated plea for women to do their eyeliner at home in order to “maintain the mystery”. The mystery – spoiler – is that there is no mystery. There is simply concealer, tight underwear and pretending everything’s fine.

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I’m glad I started a debate, says athlete who breastfed on ultra-marathon

Sophie Power was stunned to be a social media hit but is pleased maternal guilt is being discussed

It was the image that triggered a global debate about motherhood. A little under halfway through one of the world’s most gruelling races, the 105-mile Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), Sophie Power, 36, was photographed at an aid station near the Italian ski resort of Courmayeur breastfeeding her three-month-old son, Cormac.

Within days, the image had gone viral and was picked up by newspapers from India to Indianapolis.

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Hair Warrior: A Complete Makeover For Your Hair

Women Fitness Magazine

Hair Warrior: A Complete Makeover For Your Hair : Are you an active woman? Do you often find that you sweat during a workout and your hair suffers? If you said yes to these questions, Hair Warrior could help. This product works with your body heat to keep your hair looking smooth and beautiful regardless of […]

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